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corporate philanthrop
y: can it survive the coming

CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY: CAN IT SURVIVE THE COMING ‘TECHNOTRONIC’ CAPITALISM? Erle Frayne D. Argonza ‘Late’ capitalism, this current phase that replaced the ‘monopoly’ capitalism of the pre-war era, is now DEAD. As elucidated by Jurgen Habermas, thinker of the Frankfurt school, capitalism was able to move to its present state but only with massive state planning/intervention. State intervention had since the early 70s been relaxed, via globalization, but this only created monstrous predatory finance that hastened the collapse of the system. As already elaborated in previous articles, the system is now DEAD. In the late 1990s yet, we Fellows of the Independent Review (a circle of economists and experts in Manila) were of the opinion that the system will be dead in couples of years. The ‘virtual economy’ based on magical statistics, speculation, fictitiously valued investments, and conspicuous consumption, can never be sustained, and is... (more)

Modern Scientific Rationaliza
tions Of The Supernatura
l Pt2

Now for the most famously known phenomenon known as incubus/succubus.The rational scientific mind would dismiss this 'myth' as well saying these beings were scapegoats for the infidelity and sometimes rape of an individual and voila there's your myth created wrapped up in a nice little bow.Come on really?I'm a scientifically minded person myself but this explanation is just ridiculous.All throughout history these beings were described as well throughout different cultures,and yet people describe the same experience of these beings who have not heard of this phenomenon.They automatically assume that our ancestors couldn't tell the difference between the natural and supernatural.Or they automatically assume the supernatural doesn't exist from the get go which is nothing more than narrow minded dogma.All the first hand accounts of these experiences which are plentiful of which i am one are out there if the scientifically minded would look.

Case de la Cultura

Yesterday’s two hours at Casa de la Cultura went by pretty slow. When I entered, I noticed that Karina, my student, wasn’t there so I decided to sit with another group. By chance, it happened to be someone who wasn’t a student. Her mother, Maria, comes every week to get help with her English and Latesia tags along because she needs help with her homework as well. Yesterday, she needed help with all of her homework. Starting with math, all the way to writing and social studies. I didn’t realize how much harder school has gotten over the years. The amount of homework she had for one night was a bit overwhelming for someone her age. I couldn’t even imagine doing all of that in the sixth grade. After Latesia was done with her homework, we began to drift off into other topics. One of the topics we spent a long time on was math. I told her how much I loved it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become a math teacher. It caught me by surprise when said, “you should teach math…... (more)

welcome tinydeal
pipo p9 3g recensioni
Misure PIPO P9 3G a 248 x 174 x 10.8 millimetri e pesa 580 g. E 'costruito in metallo e plastica. Sopra il "display da 10.1 stabilisce la fotocamera frontale da 2 MP e alcuni sensori. Sulla parte superiore sono tutti i pulsanti fisici e le porte. I pulsanti fisici sono la fuga e il tasto di accensione / blocco. Proprio accanto ai pulsanti fisici sono i porti dove puoi plug diversi cavi differenti. Porti come micro USB, HDMI, jack da 3,5 mm per cuffia, host e micro SD card. Sul retro è la fotocamera da 8 MP con flash led e due altoparlanti. Proprio accanto alla macchina fotografica è il pulsante di ripristino se il tablet si blocca mai ed è necessario riarmo manuale. Lo schermo di PIPO P9 3G misura 10,1 "con rapporto 16:10. Esso mostra la grafica in full HD 1920 x 1200 p che produce circa 224 ppi. Anche se lo schermo non supporta la risoluzione 4K il lettore video in grado di riprodurre video 4K, senza ritardo e può anche uscita sul vostro telecamere tablet... (more)

My Destiny
Can't get worse
You would think after a break up you'd be excited to be single. Being a single parent makes it hard to enjoy your "single" time. Lately I've had no strength to continue. To get out of bed and go to work. I have a son i need to push trough for. We both need a good future and the weight is all on me. Being 22 and supporting a child has been the toughest thing. I keep lying to myself, trying to convince myself that I'm strong and don't care. Writing this and my eyes filling up with tears. This has been the hardest break up for me. I have no idea what to do. I don't understand why I'm breaking. Slipping into a horrible depression like state. I know I'm better than this but why can't i see it?

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